SVT 2020 Program

The following regular papers have been accepted for presentation at SVT 2020

Accepted Papers and Program

SVT will be held in two sessions on Tuesday, March 31st 2020.

Main program

Session 1 (2:20 pm - 4:00 pm)

Session Chair: Maurizio Leotta, University of Genova, Italy

Title Authors
Cross-Program Taint Analysis for IoT Systems Amit Mandal, Pietro Ferrara, Yuliy Khlyebnikov, Agostino Cortesi and Fausto Spoto
A Sound Abstract Interpreter for Dynamic Code. Vincenzo Arceri and Isabella Mastroeni
Data-Flow-Based Evolutionary Fault Localization. Deuslirio Silva-Junior, Plinio Leitao-Junior, Altino Dantas, Celso Camilo-Junior and Rachel Harrison
Estimating fault masking using Squeeziness based on Rényi's entropy Alfredo Ibias and Manuel Nunez

Session 2 (4:30 pm - 6:35 pm)

Session Chair: Pietro Ferrara, Universita' Ca Foscari di Venezia, Italy

Title Authors
Constrained Detecting Arrays for Fault Localization in Combinatorial Testing Hao Jin, Ce Shi and Tatsuhiro Tsuchiya
En-Route: On Enabling Resource Usage Testing for Autonomous Driving Frameworks Miguel Alcon, Hamid Tabani, Jaume Abella, Leonidas Kosmidis and Francisco J Cazorla
Testing as a Service (TaaS): A Systematic Literature Map. Gustavo Girardon, Victor Costa, Rodrigo Machado, Maicon Bernardino, Guilherme Legramante, Fabio Paulo Basso, Elder Macedo and Aníbal Neto
Taxonomy of Performance Testing Tools: a Systematic Literature Review. Victor Costa, Gustavo Girardon, Maicon Bernardino, Rodrigo Machado, Guilherme Legramante, Aníbal Neto, Fabio Paulo Basso and Elder Macedo
Trends in prioritization of test cases: 2017-2019 MCarmen de Castro-Cabrera, Antonio García-Dominguez and Inmaculada Medina-Bulo